The original play is essentially about young three friends who take a journey to a place called Ross to scatter the ashes of their dead friend, Ross. The format of the play is unusual wherein three boys play themselves as well as other characters, and the fourth boy, the dead friend Ross, plays himself as well as a host of other characters. We are seeking to adapt the play to a typical urban Indian scenario. The play is set primarily in Mumbai, where three FYJC boys set out to Anand to distribute the ashes of their friend, Anand. Their travels start at VT station as they board the train, they travel through Delhi and onto Anand, as we experience a true ‘coming of age’ story – one that will appeal to people of all ages – audiences who are into either new age stories or nostalgia will both be satisfied. The rhythm of the speech, the spontaneous exuberance of the boys and the colour of India, all come through in this play.

Production by Rage 

Nadir Khan

Cast & Crew

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