Against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Bombay black and white era, Shekhar Kumar’s tale is a heady whirlwind of romance, murder, deceit and suspense. A casual evening at the legendary Opera House quickly turns into a fast-paced chase for our unsuspecting hero when gunshots interrupt the show. A mysterious damsel in distress seeks his help and he reluctantly agrees only to find himself facing the Bombay mafia, and eventually, an international spy ring primed and ready to unleash a scheme so treacherous that it could bring the nation to its military knees overnight. Some are born heroes, some achieve hero status but Shekhar Kumar has heroic ambitions thrust upon him when he finds that he is the country’s last hope.
Detective 9-2-11 is a gripping, exhilarating gangster comedy always at improbability flirting with impossibility but buzzing with adrenaline throughout. Shekhar Kumar is the man of the hour, racing against the clock. Foe and friend alike, have him on their wanted list and no place is safe. His attempts to dodge the ruses of sleazy sleuths and his irresistible persona charming the hearts of femme fatales all wrapped up in the gripping visual and narrative style of ‘Noir’ renders Shekhar an ordinary man with an extraordinary story to tell.

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Atul Kumar

Pallav Singh with Saurabh Nayar and Amitosh Nagpal

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