I Don’t Like it. As You Like It deals with the highs and lows faced by a circus troupe, highlighting the fact that to find yourself, you must become the other! Behind the smiles and entertainment, these are just ordinary people dealing with stress, angst and the madness that is life. A troupe of clowns has not been doing too well lately. Combined with the downhill financial status, the relationships of the clowns are all messed up. Nobody can stand anybody else in the troupe. They keep fighting; couples go through their own broken relationships and amidst all of this, the director tries to put up another Shakespeare play. To make matters even worse, he decides that the men will play women and women, men. The troupe rebels. But in spite of all their fears, and doubts, they do manage to put up a show eventually, and in the process they discover something new about themselves.


Established in 1995, Cinematograph is a theatre company with a vision to do modern, independent cinema, as well as to produce path breaking theatre, which has been partly fulfilled over the last twenty years. They have produced a number of interesting films, such as Private Detective/Two Plus Two Plus One, Raghu Romeo, Mixed Doubles, Bheja Fry, Fatso, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi, Ek Tho Chance and Ankhon Dekhi. Their theatre productions include C for Clown (1999), Hamlet the Clown Prince (2008), Nothing like Lear (2011) and What’s Done is Done (2015).

Rajat Kapoor

Cast & Crew

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