Loretta bridges the gap of the cultural barriers by playing the familial card. It is a story that looks closely at issues such as language, politics, father-son dynamics, the labyrinthine nature of being insular, and how vested interests can cloud perception. Loretta is inspired by the spirit of the tiatr, Portuguese for ‘theatre’. The plays are all musicals and the experience comprises brass sections, Latin influences and energetic melodies that carried the story forward. Tiatr is also known for its use of side shows, which are short shows that are staged in front of the curtain, traditionally used as a distraction while the set changes behind the scenes. They are often unrelated to the larger plot, and tend to employ irreverent satire to keep the audiences entertained.

In 1985, Sunil Shanbag founded the theatre company Arpana. Its work is characterised by contemporary and original texts by Indian and international playwrights (in translation), strong performances, minimalist staging, and innovative use of music and design. In 2007, Shanbag directed the critically acclaimed Cotton 56, Polyester 84 which won three META awards at the Mahindra Theatre Festival, including Best Original Script for its writer, Ramu Raman. In 2012, Shanbag was invited to perform a Gujarati adaptation of All’s Well That Ends Well, as part of the Globe to Globe festival in London. In 2014, the play was invited back to the Globe for another run of shows in a month that marked the 450th birth anniversary of Shakespeare.

Sunil Shanbag

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