Twelve Angry Jurors is an examination of many themes. Justice, social inequality, and social responsibility are all present throughout this text. But at its very heart, it is a damning exploration of a world that is too ready and too quick to accept explanations that are handed to them. Just because one is offered something, does not mean that one has to accept it, especially when someone’s life, freedom or even reputation is at stake.
Brilliantly written, blindingly perceptive and deceptively subtle, Twelve Angry Jurors forces you to remember that, at the end of the day, you are a human being. And you live in a world inhabited by other human beings

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Rage’s journey started in 1992 with ‘Are There Tigers in the Congo?’ a powerful play on AIDS. From there on out, RAGE’s journey through Indian theatre has been an eventful one. RAGE has produced some of India’s most memorable productions - I’m not Bajirao, which ran for over a hundred shows and Class of ’84, which has completed over 20

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